What are you investing in?

You’re investing in your life. 

Think about the feeling you get looking through your childhood photos. 

The nostalgia, the warmth, the sweet feeling of a sentimental moment. 

As your photographer, what I care about most is showing up for you and capturing you & your relationship as authentically as possible. I want this to be an experience for both of us, not just another item you have to check off.

I want to be a friend to you, to show you how beautiful you are. I know when to step up and lead a wedding day, and when to step back and simply observe. Every photo I take has to have meaning and intention behind it.

 I care about your story and promise to capture it authentically!


How long does it take to get our Wedding photos delivered?

You will get a preview with 30 images 2 days after your wedding and you will receive the full gallery within 3-4 Weeks.

What if we're getting married abroad?

That's Perfect! I love traveling to capture beautiful moments all around the world. We can discuss logistic during our call and further details.

Do you also do Family or gender reveal shootings?

Yes absolutely! You can contact me about what you have in mind and we will create unforgettable memories together that will last a lifetime.